Sessions Vol2

Title – Interview Secrets Revealed

Description – I have been in India for the last two years and this event actually comes at the very end of my journey. In my time here I have personally interviewed over 200 product managers and hired 15 of them. What I’d like to do today is walk you through exactly the questions I ask – and more importantly the things I’m looking to hear – as well as not hear. Since I’m leaving – I think it’s safe to share with you some secrets.

By – Phil Christianson

Title – Product Management in 2030
Description – Product Management in 2030
• . What Work Will Look Like a Decade from Now?
• Most things will be Automated. Will Product Managers Become Obsolete?

By – Mahuya Ghosh

Title – TOOLS of TITANS: What did I learn from my conversations with over 100 product leaders from all over the world?
Description – 100+ hours of conversation. 500+ hours of research. Tons of insights gathered from product leaders from all over the world from reputed companies ranging from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Linkedin, Samsung, Atlasssian, Zendesk and many others. I have interviewed product people that range from new PMs, to Sr PMs, to Directors, CPOs, VPs and SVPs of products – from young startups to multi Billion dollar companies. In this hour long session, I am going to present highlights from themes that emerged out of my interviews with product leaders in the last three years. I am going to share their product habits, product philosophies, war stories, their ways of pursuing product opportunities, books and resources that they recommend, skills that they consider vital to succeed in product career and a lot more.

By – Ravi Sapata

Title – Rapid Prototyping using Innovation Games
Description – Ideas is to solve problems collaboratively and innovate by playing interactive games

By – Prashant Poladia

Title – Strategies to generate great ideas
Description – Ideas are the oxygen that Product Managers survive on. Whether it is a new product or a new feature to an existing product, you need to keep those ideas flowing. This session will cover some great strategies you can use to generate ideas, and translate that idea into products that your customers and/or the market will love.

By – Ujjwal Datla

Title – 20 ways to Sell your Product
Description – I plan to explain how to build a product among all the Market, technology, resources and other challenges.

By – Swagat Irsale

Title – Always customer first?
Description – Why do you think always customer comes first?

By – Vikram Muddya

Title – Using BlockChain for your next Product Breakthrough
Description – I will give a brief technical introduction on Blockchain and Bitcoin.
I will talk about how blockchain can revolutionize the next big entreprise or customer facing product the PMs build.
How can they make their next blockchain product more profitable than investing in BitCoin?

By – Sugandh Rakha

Title – Platform as a Service (Paas) in 2020
Description – 1. Current Market of Paas 2.Market Segmentation 3. Future Potential 4. PaaS Application for IoT 5. Other Applications of PaaS

By – Shuvjit Mishra

Title – Story Telling for Product Managers
Description – Can film making teach something about designing engaging products for the digital age?
Before I started building products, I started my “”career””( if one such could be called) journey making bad documentaries about the Internet. It took me many years to figure out that every product is a story and every story is a product that needs to be meticulously crafted. This session will show you how to do it, with practical examples to understand and apply from the world of products and films.
By – Venkataraman Ramachandran

Title – Your Product is a Story
Description – As a Product Manager, we are always enthusiastic about our product we develop. Product Manager has to envision the story before it becomes reality. The product which we make should involve the customer’s problem for which we are creating a solution. Our story about the product should connect to them.
By – Radhika Garimella