Welcome to ProductCamp Hyderabad, India!

ProductCamp Hyderabad is the first and only unconference (no registration fee, no selling) in the city of Hyderabad that is focused on the select functions – Product Managers, Product Sales/Marketers, Business Analysts, Product Strategist and Product Design folks. We also welcome aspiring professionals who would like to move in the field of Product Management. ProductCamp Hyderabad is the premier event for product professionals to Learn, Share, Grow and Impact. You find out the latest developments, discover new ideas, and network with like minded people.

An unconference is organised by attendees for attendees. At ProductCamp Hyderabad, this means you’ll see presentations from well-known product professionals and attend sessions led by your peers. Most important of all, the choice of which presentations would be made and in what order would be decided by the attendees on the day of the unconference by a round of voting.

The infographic gives a snapshot from a previous volume

Check out some cool videos of our previous volumes:


To create a platform for product professionals to learn from each other.


To conduct a participant-driven unconference by leveraging the knowledge of each other in a mutually supportive environment. We strive to foster professional development of product people so they build profitable and problem-oriented products.

Core Values

  1. Supportive environment for collective growth
  2. Respect for participants
  3. Accountability for our work
  4. Build strong product Connections
  5. Perseverance

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