Session Idea Factory

While we are always looking for volunteers to lead a ProductCamp Sessions., we often come across the phrase “ we would love to propose a session, if we knew the topic to lead”. Well, in an effort to break these barriers, we have taken the liberty to expand some of  Jason Brett’s tweet on good session topics.

List of Past sessions delivered at ProductCamps worldwide

Here’s some food for thought

  1. Building Products with Empathy
  2. Establishing Product Management in a Founder Led Company
  3. Stay True to your Values. Scaling your Product Culture as your Product Scales.
  4. MVPs are Too Expensive – How Wasteless Validation Generates Lean Insights
  5. Growing Fast While Failing Fast ain’t No Option: Challenges of Platform Product Management
  6. A great topic could be something your colleague says you do really well.
  7. Patronising ones effort could lead to be a topic.
  8. The urge to excel at a particular subject or thing could make a fantastic topic.
  9. Highlighting a particular project you’ve recently accomplished could lead to a discussion.
  10. The various process involved from product ideation to commercialization.
  11. Building a product management team.
  12. Future of product management and marketing.
  13. A user experience.
  14. Social media and its impact on your product.
  15. Go-to market strategies.
  16. Techniques for getting competitive intel in B2B environments.
  17. Something on mobile (didn’t really understand this, Maybe you could re-frame it to be a mobile app or something, if that’s the indication.)
  18. Benefits of Agile in today’s world.
  19. Customer interface or Customer engagement.
  20. Tips to Start-up Principles and MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  21. Or just on how to brainstorm and collaborate.

How about now? If one of these has sparked some inspiration be sure to sign up for a session proposal !