Sessions Vol1

Title – Beyond the traditional definition: What is product marketing and why do you need it?

Description – There are tens of definitions available on internet defining what product marketing is but very few really give you any inside insight into what it is like to be a product marketer and how – when done right – product marketing can enable you to accelerate your product development efforts in the right direction.

By – Tanuj Goyal

Title – Product Managers and Cinema Directors – Fraternal twins?

Description – “If someone told me that James Cameron and Steve Jobs were brothers, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Both are geniuses because they know which story to tell and how to tell it.
Product Management is a relatively new area (at least in India), and I believe we can learn a lot from the directors at home and abroad. Let’s discuss and learn how best to tell a story, including structuring a story and marketing it, to become great product managers and product marketing managers.”

By – Ujjwal Datla | View PPT

Title – When was I at my innovative best as a Product Manager!

Description – I would like to cover my experience in building a product where I felt I was at my innovative best and the reason being that I was the user of the product thereby driving the point that its important to be in the shoes of the users of your product if not being one of them to deliver value at the end of the day. Finally connecting this idea to the concept of “contextual products” that are a fad now – “from SaaS to big data to app economy to ‘context you’, the new buzz” and conclude with an example of a product that considers users context to the best way possible!

By – Dheeraj Pershad | View PPT

Title – Product Strategy in growing business

Description – “Product Marketing Strategy, Market Positioning Strategy, Product Pricing Strategy and Partnerships/Channel Partners”

By – Sai Kumar Kommuri | View PPT

Title – How diverse talent plays a pivotal role in conceptualizing a product

Description – “We primarily need folks that have competencies aligned to do the job but the point I am trying to make here is that we also need folks that come from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life to bring in diversity.
What about hiring a non-engineer in an engineering department! Yes, let the person ask question. Let the person comment, give feedback on the product. We need people who should challenge our idea.
Though a non-engineer may not be the best fit in terms of defined competencies to do the job in general and accepted sense but the person will bring in altogether different perspectives! Will he not?”

By – Anjan Nandi | View PPT

Title – Future of Healthcare & AI

Description – Future of Healthcare & AI

By – Abhinav Kumar | View PPT

Title – User experience and Product management.

Description – “What is a User and How to gauge the “User” experience.
Develop like a developer but think and act like a “User”. Most of the times product development gets trapped in in-depth requirements, introducing best technology and building a valuable product. The true value of a product is decided by the User at the end and no matter how sleek your product might appear, if it’s not usable what is the point? There are three basic elements we need to consider while developing a product. Let’s learn and dig into it a little deeper.
After this session I am sure you will wearing the user’s shoes and contribute to, developing Usable Products!”

By – Prasad Nagre | View PPT

Title – Agile Yourself

Description – Technology is advancing each day which is changing the expectations of the consumers.
And to deliver value organizations have to stay ahead which can only be possible if their resources are Agile.
Organizations key resources are HUMANS, Agile Yourself.

By – Ravish Sikha | View PPT

Title – Disruption by Design

Description – How to rightly apply design to innovate and disrupt!

By – Mahuya Ghosh | View PPT

Title – Agile in Enterprise and distributed teams

Description – Deliver business value quicker. Handle Enterprise dependencies better. Predictable yet agile.

By – Nagraj Gopalakrishnan | View PPT