The Team

With gratitude for their timely advice and generous feedback
Paul, Sarah, Siva, Haig, Jagrut

Darshan Khanna

Darshan is a Product Manager at Eze Software Group, Hyderabad.

Darshan is passionate about building new products, devising strategies for the products and with this passion for the craft he founded Product Camp Hyderabad.

Aside from work, he loves photography & art in general. He is an avid traveler who likes to explore places. He loves public speaking and is an ardent toastmaster.

He lives by the quote, “If there is a will to do it, you will find a way to do it”.

Dheeraj Pershad
Vice President - Public Relations & Marketing

Dheeraj is a Product Manager at CA Technologies, Hyderabad.

He holds masters degree in business administration from Goa Institute of Management, India.

Aside from work, Dheeraj is an ardent fitness enthusiast and spends most of his weekends on the cricket field. He loves travelling, blogging and has a liking and an eye for detail for creative designing.

Going by his interests in team sports, he “plays to win!

Sayir Ashai
Vice President - Outreach & Sponsorship

With technical expertise and product management skills, Sayir currently works as Associate Product Manager at Eze Software Group, Hyderabad. Prior to that he has experience as Techno-functional role in Fin Tech Industry.

Sayir holds a degree in Information technology from Pune University and has keen interest in analysis and research.

Besides work, Sayir likes athletics, traveling and is passionate about public speaking. A foodie and a traveler who draws inspiration from books, people and surroundings.

Sugandh Rakha
Vice President - Operations & Logistics

Sugandh is a Senior Software Developer at Service Now, Hyderabad.

He has 10+ years experience of Product Development. He specializes in Software Product Design and Development. He is an alum of IIIT-Hyderabad and has previously worked at Amazon and Microsoft.

If you have shopped online in India, you probably have touched his code at some point of time

When not building products, he is producing videos at The Urban Fight.


Aditya Jaroli
Product Development
Technology Passionate
Sai Kiran
Product Guy
Movie Buff
Vikrant Garg
Product Management
Music Lover
Movie Buff